Project – Light Puerto Rico

OK, so it’s been  a month now and Puerto Rico is still trying to get back on it’s feet. Not only do they need water, but they also need light at night!

This is a super simple project that I came up with to be able to help with the solution to the problem.

Below is a list of what we need donated.

LED light
This is the light. Simple and quick to make.
LED Light Slim
Super Slim and a lot can be put in one box!

Things that we need:

The idea is to be able to go to the links above and then order them, then have the items shipped to:

Five For A Change Foundation
7117 W. Harry #12072
Wichita, KS 67277

All items will be used to build the lights and then taken to Puerto Rico to be distributed to those in need!




State Renewable Energy Incentives

Here you can find information on incentives for renewable energy that might be provided by your state. The list will be updated frequently until we get all 50 States.

List of States that provide incentives for Renewable Energy:

  • New Hampshire – This is a list of programs available to New Hampshire residents who have installed or are interested in installing a renewable energy system for their home or small business.
  • More to Come!