Project – Light Puerto Rico

OK, so it’s beenĀ  a month now and Puerto Rico is still trying to get back on it’s feet. Not only do they need water, but they also need light at night!

This is a super simple project that I came up with to be able to help with the solution to the problem.

Below is a list of what we need donated.

LED light
This is the light. Simple and quick to make.
LED Light Slim
Super Slim and a lot can be put in one box!

Things that we need:

The idea is to be able to go to the links above and then order them, then have the items shipped to:

Five For A Change Foundation
7117 W. Harry #12072
Wichita, KS 67277

All items will be used to build the lights and then taken to Puerto Rico to be distributed to those in need!